2020 Winter Ukraine Mission Trip


Jan 2-11, 2019

£550 + Airfare

Apply Here


Spend The New Year At Our Annual Winter Camp in Ukraine 

Mercy Projects is focused on providing a hopeful future for needy kids. Our annual winter and summer camps play an important role in that goal.

Ok, you should really join us this January 2-11, 2020 for an amazing Ukrainian Christmas celebration! Mercy Projects is looking for counselors to share their life and love with at-risk kids. Our next MP team will depart for Ukraine January 1 to put on a Winter camp for at-risk young people. The camp will take place outside Kyiv in the woods. This camp is special because it takes place over the Christmas Holiday (Jan 7) in Ukraine. Join our team and local Ukrainian counselors to put on an awesome program for these kids. This is their Christmas celebration. They don’t have one at home. So joining us today and tell your friends. No visas needed.

Click here to apply online. £50 deposit required with application (goes towards price of the trip). 


January 2: UK Departs and Arrives to Kyiv and travels to Camp

January 3: Kids arrive today

January 10: Camp ends + Team Explores Kyiv!

January 11: Depart for UK

Air Fares To Ukraine

Mercy Projects will purchase and coordinate your air travel. Airfares should be purchased in November to get the best deal.

Frequent flyer miles? No problem, just let us know and we will accommodate you. Contact us today for more information.


Just west of Kyiv, Ukraine (capital). Located in a retreat/camp center that has had a history of being used for camps by various ministries as well as state run programs.


Email Peter at info@mercyprojects.co.uk for more info.