Masha Is Our 4-Year-Old Miracle


There is a wonderful but ordinary building with a gate in front on a dirt road in northeastern Ukraine. A town near the Russian border called Konotop is the home to this building called the Hearts of Love Centre.

Faith healers have never been here, but a small group of moms led by single mother Lena Yuschenko meet regularly to pray. And when they do, it seems heaven comes down for the special needs children they are praying for.

Recently Lena shared about a little four year old girl named Masha. Last year when she came to the Centre, she was a tiny, undernourished and scared little girl who cried all the time. Masha used only three words and refused to interact with other children.

Today Masha is a little miracle. She has become a little chatter-box, loves to talk and seldom cries. She is learning to focus and complete her lessons. She is a good learner and is adapting well with other children. She is still tiny but she is not afraid of our bigger boys. Little Masha is our 4-year-old miracle.


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