Mission, Vision, Strategy

What Do We Think About Child Development?

Mercy Projects actively engages with our friends and donors to provide support for at-risk children living in countries such as Ukraine, Armenia and Kosovo. This is done primarily through a Child Sponsorship Program which provides physical and spiritual support for the purposes of child and family development. A sponsor is connected with an individual child or family by their giving, by letter correspondence, and through personal visits.

Child Development and Connection

The main goal of Child Sponsorship is healthy child development. Our focus is on individual children and their families; not on villages and communities.

Child Development means physical, spiritual, and emotional health for children, and by extension for their parents / grandparents as well.

We seek to provide a close connection between sponsors and children, as that provides a dimension of hope in the child’s life and that of their family. As a sponsor writes letters, as they pray for their child and family, this can often be the turning point between despair and hope for the future in the life of a family.

Other Ministries (Purposes & Activities) Which We Participate In

Sponsors are encouraged to provide Education Scholarships for their sponsored child to attend college, university, or technical school.

Sponsors are encouraged to take part in 1-2 week Mission Trips to Ukraine and to other countries in the future. These trips are designed to assist a longer term MP project that already exists in that country. Some Mission trip groups will actually help establish new MP field ministries.

Summer Camps in Ukraine & Armenia — Two week camps serve many purposes which help meet our goals of child development in host countries and often allow UK sponsors to meet with their sponsored children and spend time with them during the summer camp.

Support and encourage families to adopt and care for orphans within their own country.

Our Mission Statement
Mercy Projects (formerly Eastern European Outreach) is a nondenominational Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to at-risk children and families in many countries of the world. Since 1980 we have helped meet the physical and spiritual needs of needy children and people with our desire to show God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Methods and Future Goals

Child Sponsorship funds are transferred in the form of Funding Grants to like minded organizations in the target country. Some of these national organizations may be controlled by MP or closely associated with MP; and others may be considered Partner organizations that we share like goals and purposes with.

We expect to expand the Child Sponsorship Program ministries to include other countries in the future including Armenia, Uganda, Somalia Rwanda and Zambia.

Our Strategy
Our focus is on the younger generation, the 147 million “children at risk” living around the world, but with an initial emphasis on Eastern Europe and Africa. We identify those at risk and design support programs together with church and ministry partnerships to make disciples and assist young people in their development. We partner with in country Christian citizens to staff our ministry.