Bearing Fruit In Kosovo

Springtime in Kosovo means looking forward to the thawing ice and melting snow. Most people plant gardens to help feed their families. To realize a harvest in Summer there must be the backbreaking work of plowing the hard soil in Spring.

This summer Mercy Projects volunteers Isuf and Remsia Begaj are grateful for all God has given them. They see the produce in their garden as a blessing from God. And in their heart they desire to bless others.

Isuf and his wife Remsia are the main co-workers for Mercy Projects in Kosovo. Isuf understands the plight of the poor in his country. During the war, as Remsia fled to Albania with five young children by foot, Isuf and his brothers remained behind in the mountains. Their home was damaged but not destroyed.

The Begajs, like most of the 700,000 refugees, have been able to slowly rebuild. I drove to their largely destroyed village unexpectedly 13 years ago. That day among our tears I could not have dreamed that a life long friendship had begun. Isuf immediately began working with us to help other people in their area.

To help the poor in Kosovo is something we feel compelled to do. At Mercy Projects we believe to help the poor is a witness of God’s love as well as a biblical command.

In Kosovo the 25% unemployment rate combined with the destruction left over from the war has left widows and orphans in it’s wake.

The Morina family pictured at right is grateful for your sponsorship help. There are many others like them waiting for a sponsor.