Family Sponsorship – Artemchuk

Family ID: 42440 Ukraine: The Artemchuk family is a strong Christian family. There are five children in the family, one of whom is adopted and one is a handicapped child. The family lives in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine in three room apartment. Grandmother Vera also lives with them.
Leonid and Vera met in the Baptist Church. And very soon they became a family. Both Leonid and Vera wanted to have many children. Very soon their first child Daryna was born. The parents were happy and were dreaming about their next child. But the doctors said, that it’s possible they would not have other children. Then The Artemchuks decided to take a child from an orphanage and adopt him. Mychaylo became theor second child in the family. A year later Zahar was born. The h boys are the best friends now. They are always together and can not spend more than half hour without one another.

Four years later Semen was born. The boy was born with Down syndrome and cataract. Both his crystalline lens have been removed and in four years he will have another surgery on crystalline lens recovery. All children love Semen, they play with him and take good care.

Leonid works as a guard and and Vera is an economist but now she stays at home with Semen. Grandma Vera is a big help in the family.

Sponsorship of the Artemchuk family will be a big blessing for them. Please keep them in your prayers.he family of eight really needs it.