Family Sponsorship – Val’ko

Family ID: 42457 Ukraine: The story of this family is sad and typical to many stories of other Ukrainian families.

Val’ko family lives in a tiny dormitory room. Mother is not working because has to look after their handicapped child. Father works as a driver in a city landscape gardening company.

Older daughter Diana studies at a boarding school for the children with weakened health. She stays there for five days a week because of bad living conditions at their home. She is in the fifth grade. She likes P.E. at school and attends a dance and crafts classes.

Younger daughter Kateryna started having epilepsy and hypersthenia fits when she was 4 months old. Then she showed development problems and when she was one year old she was diagnosed with autism. She was brought to the Hearts of Love Center in April 2019 and was not able to adapt at first. She was having problems with bathroom and hygiene. But then she has learned to hold a spoon, ask to be taken to a bathroom, understand what she is told. But her autism is of serious form and she needs a lot of work to be done.

Please pray for Kateryna’s health and for this family to have hope. Sponsorship will be a good sign of God’s love to them.