Igor Khodatayev

IgorKhodatayevChaplain Igor (born Oct 8, 1964) is a  former inmate who is the Coordinator of an important prison ministry in Perm, a major maximum security prison in Central Russia. He has a special interest in ministering to women, who are very often especially hardened prisoners. He team regularly visits the White Swan Prison for women in Solikamsk, and he reports that the Lord has been blessing their efforts and there is now a regular Bible study being held there.

Igor and his team often have to travel great distances to minister to prisoners since the Perm region is so large. It is common for them to travel 300-400 miles to outlying prisons. Chaplain Igor is always concerned about the expense, but believes it is necessary to go to these outlying prisons because that is often where tuberculosis patients are housed. His team delivers donated medicine, bandages, soap and syringes along with the Gospel.

Igor and his wife are currently organizing a new church. Like many other Mercy Projects Chaplains, they realize that there is a need for prisoners who have come to Christ to have a place to go upon release. There is no government sponsored half-way house system in Russia, and so church members can provide support and refuge for released prisoners.

Igor and his wife are also concerned about the needs of at-risk children. They minister to them in an effort to keep them out of the prison system.