Hunting For Spiders

We Must Overcome Our Fears


Street kids in Kampala hanging out with no home

As EEO morphs into Mercy Projects I sometimes wonder where exactly are we going?  There I said it.  On good days I always feel confident of the Lord’s leading. On other days, the occasional doubt creeps in like a spider hanging out in the corner, unnoticed. You know he is there, but as long as he isn’t hurting you, what’s the problem?

It is those nagging doubts sometimes that cause me to stay awake at night. Am I saying that I have doubts about Mercy Projects? No. I am excited about the direction we are going. My heart is to help at-risk kids. Period. No matter where they live.

God is at work in the lives of at-risk young people in Eastern Europe, in Africa, and right here in Riverside County, California. I want to work where He is working.

God’s justice for the innocent means we must protect them from the spiders that hang out in their corners. If I know anything about kids, it is that they always know where the spiders are. I promise that I will never let my own personal fears of failure or doubt rise up to cause us to leave His kids vulnerable to their spiders.

In other words, Mercy Projects is here to extinguish the black widows that aim to destroy the future for orphans and vulnerable children. We must overcome our fears, so they can overcome theirs. I began this blog entry sharing my occasional nagging doubts with you. But now, it’s time we hunt spiders. Let’s get to work.