Lives Lost in Eastern Ukraine


Funeral Procession in Slavyansk late July.

KYIV, July 18, 2014 – After five weeks of anxiety, the families of the four men were notified that they had been killed by the so-called “Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

On June 8th the Russian supported “militia of Donetsk” broke into the worship service of the church Transfiguration and abducted four men. They were looking for the pastor as well, claiming that the church had assisted the Ukrainian army by providing water or food.

One of the elders was married with eight children, the other with three children. Pastor Pavenko’s sons did not have any children. Criminal acts against Protestant Christians in eastern Ukraine continue to escalate and go unpunished. The Ukrainian government learned the men had been killed the next day. They were killed for practicing their faith, showing hospitality and sharing the love of God. Slavyansk has recently been liberated by the Ukrainian military. The bodies are thought to be in one of the mass graves left behind by militants.


The bodies have not been recovered yet.

Despite the tragedy of Malaysian Air #17, atrocities and kidnappings continue. Many young girls have been abducted and raped and reported their stories to Ukrainian media. Urgent and vigilant prayer is needed.

-Jeff (MP Director)