Miracles in a Farmhouse

February 2018 Newsletter: I would like to share Natalya’s story with you.  I had the privilege of visiting her family in Ukraine recently. I would love to have simply written a blank check to assist with their farmhouse.

Nastya's Former ApartmentHello, my name is Natalya and I want to write to you about what God has done for my family.  At the age of 14, I prayed for the children in orphanages.  I felt like one day, when I was an adult, I would like to adopt an orphan.

At 19, I went to university and studied at the Faculty of Journalism.  One day for a class project, I interviewed a local orphanage director and then visited a small group of the children.  The smallest child rushed over to me crying, “Mama, Mama!”  It frightened me.  I left, but three weeks later I returned to visit.  For the next year I visited him regularly and it always broke my heart to leave.

My mother scolded me and did not want me to bring this child home.  Social service workers did not want to talk to me.  However, after a long struggle, I, an unmarried
20-year-old university student, managed to create the first foster family in our town.  This was over ten years ago in 2006.

My life changed drastically.  My mother kicked me out of the house.  I had to quit the university.  Four-year-old Maxim was handicapped with a hole in his heart.  He was very sick and he had a neurological disorder.  When I took him home, though I was a foster family, I was really his mother.  I found a job but the public school would not accept Max due to his handicaps.  I planned to adopt him and make sure nobody could take him away from me.  I experienced many days of despair and sometimes was hungry.  The Lord was faithful and about four years later I got married.  My new husband and I adopted Max!

Nastya's Family Adopted from OrphanageThree Brothers Rescued From Sex Trafficking

By 2015, our daughter Katya was three years old and I continued to visit children in shelters.  One day, I saw a boy who was six years old and he did not speak.  He had a big swollen abdomen and his hands and legs were thin as canes.  I was told that he was HIV positive.  The boy’s name is Viktor and we decided to adopt him.  Again, they told us not to adopt an HIV child, but we started doing the necessary paperwork.  Finally, they informed us that Viktor had two more brothers and said, “You must take them all.  If not, you cannot have Viktor.”

Financially, we were not able to adopt three children at once.  However, they gave us guardianship as foster parents and today we have three boys—9-year-old Viktor, Russ is 4, and little 3-year-old Nick.

Ukrainian Farmhouse family wants to rennovateThe Boys’ Homeless Mother Has Another Daughter In An Orphanage

Our little Russ has epilepsy and brain damage from fetal alcohol syndrome.  He did not speak at all.  After a year and a half, he is better but still does not speak.  He understands everything, listens, and sympathizes.  Nick, the youngest, has Epstein Barr Syndrome, frequent pneumonia, and anemia.  He has more than doubled his weight.  He cannot keep up with his peers, but he tries hard.

The mother is a drug addict and I have contact with her.  She recently told me there is a baby sister in an orphanage.  The boys need surgery for injuries they suffered from their abuse but we are afraid that the legal system here would remove them from our care.

Inside of the houseWe Are Excited About The Farmhouse

The apartment we live in is too small and they are kicking us out because we have five children.  The old village farmhouse is ours but it needs a lot of work before we can move in.  My husband and I sold our car, saved our money, and bought the farmhouse for about $4000.  We work on it ourselves.  Our desire is to take in another girl who needs a family.  The home must be finished first.  We need wisdom of God for everything.

Please pray for us.  We hope other families will be inspired by God to also take children from the orphanages.  We are grateful that you want to help us!

The Miracle Story Continues

This is not the end of Natalya’s story.  God continues to do amazing works of healing in these children.  We would love to help this family and others like them.  Together we can restore this farmhouse to the Glory of God.  We will be hearing more from Natalya in the future, I am sure.

Make Natalya’s dreams a reality today (and others like her)!