Moving to Families

Child Sponsorships are Moving to Family Sponsorships

A few changes to the sponsorship program have been requested by our Ukraine office. In Ukraine, our staff has always worked with the parents, mother, or adult in the family for all program services, ministries, groceries, camps, medical packages, letter correspondence, etc. Sponsorship of a child has always benefitted the entire family.

The main change now is that we are moving to a more “family-centric” type of sponsorship. Family photos will replace child photos. Child and family information will still be provided.

All of the ministries will remain the same except birthday presents. This has been an area where one child benefitted but others didn’t. If a sibling or other children did not have a sponsor, it sometimes created jealousy. As such, ministry to children and families remains the same except that we no longer provide birthday presents.

We value our staff in Ukraine and depend on them to minister to the children and families in our programs. We hope to send out notices in the future asking sponsors to send a birthday card (no money) so we can continue to celebrate the birthdays of the children. We will keep you informed on that.

Thanks again for supporting children in Ukraine! Please contact us with any questions.