The Hearts of Love Centre Story

Lena Yushenko’s dream for this special Centre in Konotop, Ukraine began when she discovered her daughter Valeria had a number of medical conditions including epilepsy. Not much later Lena’s husband walked out on the family. Through these struggles Lena began meeting other families with special needs children. They began to meet together and help one another. There were no resources available to children with special needs other than to be locked away in an orphanage.

However Mercy Projects was able help fulfill Lena’s dream to set up a Centre to provide this much needed help by purchasing and refurbishing an abandoned building, which has now become a life-line to so many special needs children and their families. For the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of bringing Mercy Projects summer camp teams to the Centre from the UK and USA.

Lena appealed for everyone to pray for everyone involved in the Hearts of Love Centre: “Please pray for the children and all the teachers, because we can’t do anything without God.”

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