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Going on a mission trip? Being prepared does not have to mean that you are over-packed. Lets take a quick look at the following 3 items before we get to the “Packing List“: TravelWeather, and Dress Code.


  • Most airlines allow your check-on baggage to be up to 44 pounds for international flights (within Europe). MP is asking you to use only one of your check-on allowances for your personal belongings. Mercy Projects may ask you to take extra luggage pieces filled with craft supplies or other items to be used during your mission trip.
  • If you are arranging your own flights, you are responsible to contact the airlines about your baggage requirements (NOTICE: separate flights within Europe may change weight restrictions).
  • In addition to your suitcase, you are allowed one carry-on (weighing no more than 10 pounds). Backpacks are ideal to carry-on.
  • Laundry services are not available on MP trips. Although you may choose to wash some clothing in the sink and hang them in your room to dry, we suggest you bring enough undergarments for your entire stay.
  • Pack an extra set of clothing in your carry on in the event of lost luggage. (a common occurrence)

Summer: Temperatures in Ukraine range from the low 10 C to 26 C. It’s usually chilly in the morning & evening and warm-hot during the day. It is normal to have high humidity and summer rainstorms.

Winter: Winter temperatures in Ukraine range from close to -17 C, to -6 C. It’s usually freezing in the morning/evening and cold during the day. It is possible that the heat indoors does not work as well as you are used to at home so bring layers (refer to the packing list below)! 

Dress Code

Dress comfortably, yet conservatively so you will not offend others. Modest make-up and jewelry is allowed. Daily summer wear will consist of jeans or shorts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts during the summer; while Daily winter wear will consist of pants when indoors and jackets, gloves, beanies, and scarves while outdoors. Dresses should be worn to all church services. During the summer be sure to pack a swimsuit that is appropriate for a Christian children’s camp. Remember, modesty is the best policy. Please be intentional about what you pack and avoid the following items; short shorts, halters, tank tops, inappropriate logos, or tops that do not cover your entire midriff.

Please, Do Not Bring expensive jewelry, inappropriate clothing, or electrical appliances such as: hair dryers (unless you are going to winter camp), CD/MP3 players, curling irons, shavers, etc.

Why? We do not want to: 1) look as though we are showing off our expensive luxuries at camp, 2) tempt anyone to take them, or 3) seclude ourselves from the rest of the team. Thank you for your cooperation!

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