Journey To Ancient Armenia!

Mission Trip To Armenia – August 4–18, 2011
Price = Airfare + $800

Our plane lands at the Swartnots airport outside Yerevan with the majestic Mt. Ararat looming in the distance. I gaze toward the top of this regal mountain looking for Noah’s Ark. It is amazing to be in this ancient land whose people proudly proclaim their adherence to Christianity as a nation since 301 in the 4th century.

Situated at the juncture of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Armenia is bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran to the south. It was a Republic within the Soviet Union and most people speak both Armenian and Russian. The Soviet dominance however, did not destroy their ancient faith.

Today there are not many mission trip opportunities to visit this remote country. Mercy Projects began working here in 2008 by running a summer camp program for 40 kids from the mountainous town of Stepanavan in the “Lori” region near the Georgian border. After the first successful camp, the families and officials in that regions asked if we would come back and expand our work.

This summer MP is sending two teams to run more summer camps there. Team #2 still has openings. Call or email us today for an Armenia team update! Join us for a life changing event in the mountains of Armenia.

Email or call Zach at 951-696-5244 for more information.