Christmas is a special time of year and a great time to share our faith in Christ. The MP Christmas Fund is designed to bless needy families and share the gospel at the same time.

In Kosovo, we provide firewood for poor families. In Ukraine, your support provides Christmas presents and discipleship ministry for the teens in our program. This year, we are also reaching out to Armenia to help refugees and create jobs for the poor.  Our goal is to provide 42 dairy cows to start a small dairy and provide jobs for needy families.

Love Armenia

The small country of Armenia is at war. The conflict with neighbor Azerbaijan ignited again on September 27, 2020, when Azerbaijan began a bombing campaign that morning. Today, the young men who have attended MP summer camps are serving on the frontlines. Russian troops have been called in to keep the peace, but peace is very fragile in this region of the world. Our Christmas project is reaching out to support refugee families and others with food parcels and dairy cows. Jobs are needed and we hope to help start a small dairy farm to help local families.

A gift of £1125 provides a dairy cow.  £35 supplies a Food Parcel.  All Christmas giving funds for Love Armenia will be allocated according to the greatest need.

Total amount still needed =£18,700

Christmas Presents

This is a practical gift that children and their parents love. £19 provides one gift of quality blankets and sheets, as well as chocolates for the family.

500 gifts @ £19 each are needed. If fulfilled, funds are used for the greatest need.

Total amount needed = £9,350 


Donate for Christmas


Making Disciples

In past years we conducted week-long youth camps in Ukraine where we make disciples of Jesus. This year, however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will bring young people together in the region for one-day seminars and teaching.  These special meetings will include worship, teaching, food, and drama.  Young people are challenged in the faith to walk with Christ. These meetings take place during the Ukrainian Christmas holiday season.

£45 per teen will provide the gift of discipleship for up to 100 teens.

Total amount needed = Fulfilled


Firewood for Widows

The firewood project is meant to provide heat for poor families in Kosovo. Most families heat one room in winter with a wood-burning stove and the kids huddle together for warmth.  With your help, a gift of £45 provides one month of firewood.  £135 provides three months of heat for one family.

Total amount needed – Fulfilled


Christmas funds are collected and distributed among these projects as needed. Thank you again for your faithfulness and love for the poor in Ukraine, Armenia, and Kosovo!

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