Rescuing Orphans and At-Risk Children

The Gumenyuk Family is an MP Family who rescue orphans and bring them into their home. They raise them as their own children. Your sponsorship for families like these means so much.

Why Sponsorship Works

MP child sponsorship means child development. We are in the business assisting  families so they can raise children in a family home environment. A child, whether at-risk or not, experiences God’s mercy and justice when they grow up in a loving and safe family.

Do They Become Dependent On Us?

Sponsored children and their families are grateful for your help.  They also value the relationship they get to have with you.  Your sponsorship does not provide money to the child / family. Thus, they do not become dependent on it.

Connecting To Your Child / Family

A child sponsor is connected to an individual child and their family. Your support assists a single mother or needy family to provide shelter, education, medical help and a summer camp experience hearing of Christ’s love.  Your love, prayers and letters will connect you with your child or family.

Sponsors Give Hope For the Future

Our goal is to help children develop into strong and healthy Christian adults. For this, they need a family or loving parent to provide a safe environment. Our care givers, called child coordinators, monitor the families and children in their care, improving their chances of healthy child development.

Can I Contact My Child?

The answer is yes! Your sponsorship is personal. We want you to be connected and in touch with your child / family. You can even visit them at one of the MP summer camps. Just give us a call. We make all the arrangements.

How Do I Get Started?

Just click above right on a sponsorship menu choice. Connect with a child or family and change a life today!


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