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Mission Trip Evaluation

We value your comments and ideas about our trips! Help us continue this work and do the best job we can. You may email any additional comments directly to us at

*Although it can greatly affect your trip, please keep in mind that… Read More...

Mission Trip FAQ

If you have questions about Mercy Projects trips, you have landed on the right page…so welcome! If your question is not answered here, send us an email today and we will get back to you ASAP. We love doing these trips and we would love… Read More...

Traveling with Mercy Projects

Going on a mission trip? Being prepared does not have to mean that you are over-packed. Lets take a quick look at the following 3 items before we get to the “Packing List“: TravelWeather, and Dress Code.… Read More...

Trip Packing List

Let’s get packing! Make sure you come prepared. Don’t forget to check out the second notepad below for the additional items that apply to the season you will be travelling in. You can also Download this list:                … Read More...

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