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Trips FAQ

How long are the mission trips?

Summer Trips normally average at 2 weeks. Winter Trip is closer to 1 week in length.

Are visas needed?

In Ukraine, visas are not needed in for American or Canadian, or citizens and passport holders. 

In Armenia, USA/UK passport holders apply for a visa upon arrival. This Visa cost is about $50 USD (32 GBP)and is not included in the trip price.

*A Passport is needed is needed for all trips outside your home country.

What is an average cost breakdown of a MP mission trip?

Costs vary depending on your location, the trip destination, the amount of travel, and the purpose of the trip.

Estimated Mercy Projects mission trip costs are as follows in GBP:

  • Ukraine Summer:  636 GBP + AIR
  • Ukraine Winter 510 GBP + AIR
  • Armenia: 765 GBP + AIR

What is NOT included?

Your trip price will not include food or lodging in Western Europe during travel to or from the destination unless stated otherwise in your itinerary or trip description (Sometimes air travel requires overnight stays in London, for example).  Special meals (1-3), hotel expenses, souvenirs or other costs of a personal nature will not be included. Always check your team itinerary.

Day of arrival to your destination: – meals are not included.
Night before departure – final team meal together – not included if at a restaurant.

Why are mission trip payments non-refundable?

The cost of your Mercy Projects mission trip is treated by us as a donation to the Mercy Projects mission project in which you are taking part. We need people to actually “do” the ministry, thus, the cost of participation is a donation and is tax deductible. Donations are not refundable.

Is there opportunity to do sightseeing?

The primary focus of our trips are to accomplish ministry objectives. However, there is usually at least 1/2 day of free time to explore the city (with your team) during the trip. Check your itinerary and with your team leader for more information about your specific trip.

Can I customize my trip to include personal travel?

On an individual basis, no you cannot. Your mission trip cost with Mercy Projects is a tax deductible donation toward the mission project. There cannot be any “personal benefit” according to IRS rules. Many groups, however, do schedule a brief  “debrief” time on the way home in a European country.

Can I use frequent flyer miles for my ticket?

Yes,  as long as you coordinate the flight schedule with Mercy Projects. Arriving and departing on different flights from the rest of the group may result in additional airport transfer fees or hotel expenses. Frequent flyer programs may have limited number of flight options available. Please subit requests to Zach at missionstrips@mercyprojects.com immediately after you apply.

What kind of hotels will my team stay in?

Probably none. If your team is working in an urban area, you can expect to stay in a clean modest dorm type room. It may be in a “Bed and Breakfast” or in a hostel that we often use. If your team is working at a children’s camp (most used lodging),  you will stay in rooms sleeping 4-8 people.

Married couples can suggest for a double room after they apply, but we can not make any promises up front.

You do not stay in the same room as the children. Men and women are also assigned to different rooms.

How is the food?

The food is different. You will have the experience of trying new things. You may love it and you may not. This all depends on how selective your eating habits at home are. However, we think that for a two week mission trip, the food should not be an issue with team members. This is an area of sacrifice that team members must consider. It can and should be just another fun part about experiencing a new culture.

General Sponsorship FAQ

How are the Children Chosen?

A child can qualify to be enrolled in the sponsorship program for many different reasons. The primarily and general reason is that there is a great need.

Mercy Projects is made aware of their situations in various ways as they come from different backgrounds.  The child may have been in a government program, in an orphanage, or even on the streets. Often times or a social worker notifies one of our international staff of the need.

Many times a family may be in direct contact with our coordinators in the field who have close ties to various districts and villages. We have children in our program who have been rescued by coordinators who have spotted them freezing on the street or eating out of a garbage can.  There are lots of children in need in this world. Please remember that not all the children are believers. It is our mission to share the Gospel with the at-risk child and their families as well as provide crucial aid that helps in their development.

Will I be the only sponsor for this child/family?

To cover the costs for the amount of services  that the Sponsorship Programs provide, Mercy Projects assigns multiple sponsors per family or child:

Child:  each child needs 2 sponsors

Grocery Program Child (need of family is greater) each child needs 3 sponsors

Foster Family:  each Foster Family needs up to 20 sponsors

College Student:  each student needs up to 4 sponsors

National Pastors: As needed and available

How Much is a Sponsorship Pledge?

Family, Child, Student, and Pastor Sponsorships:

Monthly:  £19.00 per sponsorship pledge or

Annually: £228.00 per sponsorship pledge.


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