Twins Return As Counselors

WinterCamp'13-Genya-083(web)Twin brothers Ruslan and Misha received sponsorship in 1996 when they were only three months old.  At the time they’d been abandoned by their father, and their mother, Viktoria, was so depressed that she no longer wanted to  live. Viktoria shares:

“I remember this time well and it was very difficult. But then I learned that I was no longer alone. Our sponsors helped us and we began to go to a church. I am so grateful to Mercy Projects sponsors for helping me raise my boys!”

Recently MP camp director Yulia Mazhova shared:

“As the boys got older they began to attend the camps as part of their benefit from child sponsorship. Eventually they and their mother came to a new faith in Christ.”

IMG_3746_crop(web)“The boys told me thank you very much for your camp counselor team. They have meant so much for us. We have grown up here and we want to serve other kids too. Can we be counselors also?”

Yulia added: “Now the boys are 17 years-old, they are active church members involved in youth ministry, and have now been accepted as students into the Mercy Projects Scholarship program. It is so exciting to seem them grow in all areas. They look like football players now!”