Family Sponsorship – Kul’kov

Family ID: 42427 Ukraine: The story of this family is sad and typical to many stories of other Ukrainian families.

There are three people in this family: mother Yaroslava, stepfather and her daughter Kira. They live in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Yaroslava comes from dysfunctional family: her mother was an alcoholic and used drugs who had three children from different fathers: Alina, Yaroslava and Daniil. Mother had HIV.

Yaroslava became an adult very early and gave birth to her daughter Kira when she was only sixteen. The life of Yaroslava and her husband Maxym was very similar to life of her mother: alcohol, drugs, beating. During the nights Yaroslava worked in the bar. The child was alone or with a drunk and angry father.

Meanwhile Yaroslava’s mother was dying in the hospital from AIDS. There were some Christians who visited this hospital trying to help dying people and tell them about God. And God has Yaroslava’s mother saved, and Alina, and Daniil, Yaroslava’s siblings. They started going to Christian Hope church. Yaroslava saw big changes in the life of her sister and brother .She also wanted to have a different life. She left her husband, came to the Rehabilitation Center and was baptized very soon in Christian Hope Church in Kyiv. And she got married on 21st of December 2019. Stepfather works as a taxi driver.

Now Yaroslava is a counselor at this Center. Her daughter Kira goes to school, she is in the second grade. The girl likes drawing, dancing and singing. She dreams about becoming a hairdresser.

The life of this family is still very difficult, especially financially. Sponsorship will be a blessing for them. Please, keep them in your prayers.