Family Sponsorship – Zinchenko

Family ID: 42439 Ukraine: The Zinchenko family is a strong Christian family. Both parents – father Vasyl’ and mother Yulia love the Lord as well all five of their children. The family lives in a tiny house in the village Gorodok, about 300 km from Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.
Father Vasyl’ is a pastor in the church Christian Hope and mother Yulia stays at home with children.

The main treasure of the family are their five children – four boys and a girl. They all are very different but also similar in some way.

Myroslav is thirteen years old, he is in the eighth grade. His favorite school subjects are P.E., geography and drawing. The boy also attends a piano class at music school. Myroslav wants to be a paleontologist in the future.

Vladyslav is in the fifth grade. At school he likes drawing and natural history. He also attends piano lessons at music school. The boy likes to cook and v wants to become a computer programmer when he grows up.

Alina is in the third grade. She likes IT and drawing at school. In her spare time she likes to draw and to read. Alina wants to be a doctor.

Nazar is four years old. He attends kindergarten. The boy is very agile and independent kid. He likes to sculpt, to draw and to play with toy cars.

The youngest one is Daniil. He is only one year old. The family of seven really needs a lot of payer and support. Sponsorship of the family would be a big blessing for them.